Ieders Plak’s vision

Our vision: ‘We’ve all got the spark’

Ieders Plak was built on a vision. A vision which is interwoven into every aspect of the business. A vision initially carried by Mireille Wiegman (initiator) but now carried and spread by the team and professionals who are a part of and connected to Ieders Plak.

‘We’ve all got the spark.’
in other words: knowing where you’re heading and what you stand for. Our mission is to inspire and make it happen. Why? Because we believe in making the world a better place. That’s what we call being down-to-earth.  

Knowing where you’re heading and what you stand for is something that everyone does in their own way. That is why we offer everything we can in terms of work, inspiration, exercise and relaxation at our beautiful location. You can make use of them just by yourself or with a group during a training or workshop.
Our ‘plak’ is Terschelling. A place full of discovery. A place which will enrich you, ground you and invite you to look at the world through different eyes. Ieders Plak is a space where ideas, initiatives and people come together. Both from the mainland and from the island.
In the Dutch television programme ‘Kruispunt’, Mireille Wiegman (the initiator of Ieders Plak) tells the story of her leap from a top-level career in Rotterdam to living on Terschelling and the beginnings of Ieders Plak. View the broadcast from Sunday, 10th January 2016 on NPO2 here!

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Setting + surroundings

Ieders Plak is situated just a stone’s throw from the ferry and the village of West-Terschelling.

Setting + surroundings


Ieders Plak works with a powerful and extensive local, national and international network.