“Contributing to the development of people, ideas and concepts with a down-to-earth, inspired and passionate approach.
Based on Terschelling. Connected to the world.”

– Ieders Plak according to Mireille Wiegman (Founder and initiator of Ieders Plak)

As a human being, mother/father, partner and professional, it is important to just be. Especially as a human being. It makes it easier when you know a lot about raising children, about emotions and, in my case, about project, process and programme management and other business management concepts. Even more important is your ability to intuitively feel what is right in any given situation. To do so, you need to be receptive. The more your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are in balance, the easier it becomes. If you are held captive by emotions, emotional baggage, runaway thoughts and a worn-out body, it becomes a lot harder.

It is my passion to share this insight. To let people experience how you can develop your ‘personal leadership’. And what it has to offer you. In your private life, at work. Through ‘hingh intensity’ exercise classes, relaxation, being outside on Terschelling, workshops, lectures, trainings and projects. Have we made you curious? And want to discuss the possibilities? Don’t hesitate to contact us.



What others say about working together with Mireille Wiegman and Ieders Plak:


Peter de Haan – Sjamaan De Baak

‘Spirituality is a path inward, to your true essence’

“The first thing that struck me when I visited Ieders Plak with Sacha Kluvers van de Baak was the space in which we were going to work. The Nature Quest, which is part of De Baak’s leadership program, takes place annually in ‘a natural place’. If, in addition to nature, there also is a space within walking distance in which we can prepare the participants for their Quest, that is already a gift. If that space is also large and well-equipped, as a trainer, you can only be happy. And that paid off. The group was well prepared because we could get everything organised that was needed. We could install a medicine wheel there and we could work COVID-19 safely from a distance. Everything was optimal! The care of Femke was perfect, she led a team that made sure that everyone could feel emotionally safe and seen and were given the right meals to match the fasting which is part of the Quest. Not one question was too much for Femke and she not only knew the answer to every question, she also made sure that what was asked could manifest. Food was delicious, the attention was awesome, the environment is great. I’m sure when we do another Quest next time we’ll be back!”

Sacha Kluvers – de Baak

Head Trainer, Leadership Entrepreneurship Advancement Program

“Ieders Plak turned out to be a very suitable place for module 3 of De Baak Leap, a senior leadership program of De Baak.

This module consists of a nature quest of 6 days in which the 24 hours solo is central.

The 24 hours alone in nature is prepared for 2 days and when you return it is reduced for 2 days, in which what has been experienced is mirrored. It is a very intensive process. Being alone in nature for 24 hours in silence is a way through Otto Scharmer’s U theory to connect with your inner source as a leader. In Scharmer’s terms: ‘retreat and reflect: Allow the inner knowing to emerge.’

Ieders Plak not only offers unspoilt nature, complete silence, really dark nights, but also a team that understands the precision of this process and knows how to respond to it. By the leadership of Femke, the team of Ieders Plak responds effortlessly and adjusts to the needs of the participants and the trainers.

The space at Ieders Plak also offers enough space to work in distance because of covid-19 and a beautiful connection with the surrounding nature through high windows. Ieders Plak has provided us with the safe foundation needed to make the nature quest a success. A place where we would certainly like to come back.

Many thanks Mireille, Femke and the Ieders Plak team.”

‘Leaders of Tomorrow’

Also curious about the reference? This will follow soon.

Lotte van Hal, Jan Rotmans, Emmely Lefèvre

Mover. Program ‘Standing Still in Motion’

“Ieders Plak is a place that ‘loosens’ you and where you can go on with your plans, dreams and ideals full of courage. Thank you Mireille, Roy and Femke for your hospitality, flexibility and organizational strength. The sports- and yoga-offer that you provided in our Transformative Leadership program, matched the wishes of our participants well. You have made us feel that what you create in Ieders Plak comes from your heart and that made the collaboration very pleasant. We have experienced your location as a special place. The conclusion of our program in the Boszaal was magical. We have by no means explored all the opportunities and possibilities for future collaborations. We will certainly do that! Because also thanks to you, Terschelling is a place where we will definitely come back for our programs!”

Jacqueline Wiener – Trainer/Coach

Leadership and team-development counsellor for an educational foundation.

“I chose Ieders Plak because of the beautiful spaces and the location on Terschelling with various hotels nearby. The Boszaal is a roomy space with large windows looking directly out onto the woods. The communication leading up to the training was pleasant, Ieders Plak came up with good solutions to meet our specific needs. While we were there, everything generally went smoothly. I would certainly recommend Ieders Plak, it is a very good space for working in a group setting.”

Boudewien van Notten – Way of Nature

Organises workshops and retreats in a natural setting. Because nature is a reflection of your essence.

“We organised a Nature Quest on Terschelling, drawing on ideas from John P. Milton, so participants could reconnect with nature in three ways: by connecting with their inner nature, the natural environment, and their true nature. This takes place in three parts: awareness training, a period of solitude and reflection in nature, and translating the experience into daily life.

We chose Ieders Plak because of its convenient location near the Staatsbosbeheer campgrounds. We used Ieders Plak as an alternate venue in case of inclement weather and because of the healthy and wholesome catering options. Although we had hoped to end up at Ieders Plak as little as possible, we did warm up by the woodstove several times during our stay. We were in close consultation with Ieders Plak leading up to our week on Terschelling. The communication was clear and pleasant. I would recommend Ieders Plak for their excellent food and beautiful location: You’re right in the midst of nature.”

Annemarie Hoevenaars – Consortium voor Innovatie

Makes a difference by organising activities for the education sector in unorthodox ways.

“We were inspired by the following poem when we chose Terschelling and Ieders Plak as our location:

A place where the wind runs through your hair. Where you can do that which makes your belly sing and dream endlessly, where you are who you are. A place of sand, of sea, of air, of water, of fire. A place where you will always find your way. A place where you are free to think freely; That’s where I long to be. And wherever I go, I take that place with me. Everywhere I will be. (Wende Snijders / home on Terschelling)

We also shared this poem with our participants as a source of inspiration. I enjoyed working together with the team from Ieders Plak. The lines of communication were short and clear, and there was plenty of room to be flexible.”

Wouter van Dieren

Founder of Springtij Forum, author, journalist, speaker, advisor and entrepreneur.

“I came into contact with Mireille and Ieders Plak through a common acquaintance. That was years ago. After a while, we started talking about working together. Mireille always has excellent people surrounding her, leading to intensive and high-quality collaborations. We also see how committed people are at Ieders Plak during the events themselves. For future projects, I will bring people to Terschelling and Ieders Plak.”

Rick Timmerman – Rijkswaterstaat

Programme manager and designer for the Towards a Rich Wadden Sea programme, Ministry of Waterways and Public Works

“Ieders Plak is situated at a fantastic location, and the atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. Ieders Plak has beautiful, light spaces that you can completely adjust to suit your needs and tastes (with your own materials if you like). Ideal for when you need something different from the standard boardroom, as was the case for our first WadLab experiment.”

Reinier Voorwinde

Drishti Journeys – Yoga retreats

“Drishti journeys offers worldwide yoga retreats and also in the Netherlands. The retreat in the Netherlands is extraordinary because it takes place at two locations. In the heart of the vibrant city of Amsterdam and on a beautiful secluded island in the Waddensea, Terschelling. On Terschelling we found our yoga home @ Ieders Plak. A beautiful light shala with a view of the forest surrounding this special place. With of course everything needed available. We felt welcome and at home at this place. Easy communication and trusted relation. Looking forward to our next time!”

Japke van Leunen

Weight management consultant

“My name is Japke van Leunen. I have my own practice as a nutrition and weight management coach. I advise people on their journey to a healthy eating pattern and lifestyle in cases where weight management or health issues are involved. Immediately after Ieders Plak opened its doors at Terschelling, I came into contact with the founder Mireille Wiegman. In the years that followed, we organised several fun activities together, such as: Exercising Towards a Healthy Weight, an educational session and cooking workshop for volunteers/interested members of the lunch-time supervision team at local primary schools; a presentation and cooking demo for a company dedicated to sustainability and healthy employees; a workshop to help quit smoking (together with Maaike Buurman, with me doing the nutritional aspect) and a cooking workshop and presentation following the ideas of GP Tamara de Weijer together with GP Esther Ronner.

I have also organised various cooking and baking workshops in the well-equipped kitchen at Ieders Plak, and we have catered our own on-site meals on several occasions. In short, for me the educational value of the kitchen at Ieders Plak and the cosy café makes it the ideal place to invite groups to work together towards developing an eating lifestyle that is not only healthy but also fun and delicious!”

Jeroen Bolt – Daar-Om

Advertising specialist at Daar-Om online marketing agency

“We ended up at Ieders Plak on Terschelling for a business meeting. The first impression is that you’re not on Terschelling, but at the same time you feel that you’re at the heart of the island. Wonderful how a new concept can exude such a unique island atmosphere. Beautifully situated, excellent staff and a true Terschellinger feel.”

Liesbeth Meijer – Lucht

Lucht, Organisational development agency

“Lucht | Organisational development agency often uses Ieders Plak on Terschelling as a location. It is the perfect location when we visit Terschelling with our teams. The Ieders Plak team are caring, attentive hosts with an eye for quality who know how to cater to our every need. And that is wonderful, knowing that we can focus on what we came to do at Terschelling: Het Wad Ophalen (building foundations).”


Engbert Breuker – Pentascope

Motivator and entrepreneur, Pentascope

“Ieders Plak turned out to be a unique location for our leadership meeting for a large insurance company. The journey to and stay on Terschelling, the most beautiful island in the Netherlands (or perhaps the world?) instantly gave our participants a ‘holiday’ feeling. The space itself enhances that feeling. Our two-day stay, which included a kickboxing session with Mireille (for most participants, an out-of-comfort-zone experience) became an unforgettable experience. As trainers, we fell in love with both Mireille and the location. If it were up to us, we would like to come back every year…”

Els Maria Korswagen-Grieder


“With great transparency, a willingness to listen and an even greater willingness to help, Mireille found a solution to all my needs and helped me let go of any doubts I had. The hospitality ensured a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere. Mireille’s flexibility made it possible to meet all our wishes. A warm thank you to her and her staff for the excellent collaboration.”

Every 3 months, Ieders Plak organises a new exhibition of islander art or art about the island..

Lotte Vogels

Wedding planner and Master of Ceremonies, Lots of Love Weddings

“For a wedding with some 150 guests, the bridal couple and I came across Ieders Plak, where we decided to hold the reception. It’s a gorgeous location in the middle of the woods with various different spaces. We chose a combination of the atmospheric Cosy Café and the spacious Boszaal with its spectacular view. Mireille and her team helped us work out the details and provided the catering in collaboration with us. It was possible to get everything set up the day beforehand, which made the day itself much less hectic. The guests were warmly welcomed upon arrival at the reception, and a delicious and well-presented buffet stood ready with vegetarian sweet and savoury appetisers. The Zeezaal was furnished as a play area for the children, and the guests could choose to gather in the cosy seating areas or at the standing tables. It was a highly successful afternoon, and the team made sure that the guests every need was met. I will definitely keep Ieders Plak in mind for future weddings!”


Richard Dijkstra – RMD trainingen

Owner and director of RMD Trainingen: experience-based leadership training agency

“From my work as an experience-based leadership trainer for businesses, I was looking for unique locations for my programmes, locations that would enhance the training experience and collaboration partners that would help me create special experiences. ‘Ieders Plak’ is one of those locations. Modern, environmentally conscious and firmly embedded in the atmosphere of beautiful Terschelling. Close to the woods and the harbour. Enough space and facilities with a warm and convivial atmosphere. Anything is possible, bespoke work is the standard. Their collaboration with me as a client and their hospitality and bespoke services have ensured that I will be making use of their services more often.”

Karin Lodder

Bureau Basalt

“From Bureau Basalt, we promote the island as a podium for businesses and organisations. To that end, we happily make use of the beautiful spaces at Ieders Plak. My personal favourite is the Boszaal: wonderfully light and in touch with nature.”


Pascal Strauss

Human Potential Enthusiast, Peak Performance Specialist, Learning & Development at Syngeon

“The surroundings are beautiful and tranquil; the people are friendly and welcoming. After having organised several training sessions at this unique location, I can truly say that it is worth the 4-hour trip! You find yourself in a totally different world, completely isolated from the bustle of everyday life, and yet there is a sense of community here. It’s the ideal location to create a safe and serene setting and allow training participants to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure. Thank you very much for making Ieders Plak a space for everyone!”

Arieke Sieben – Noorderbreedte

Team lead at Noorderbreedte locations De Stilen and De Spiker

“Ieders Plak is a wonderful location for organising our team-building activities. The rooms are spacious, light and warm, and some have a fantastic view of the woods. The facilities are good, everything is taken care of and ready when you arrive. There is enough space for breaking the group up into smaller groups. Moreover, all our nutritional needs are taken care of. In short: we definitely recommend Ieders Plak.”

Else van Harten – &Samhoud

&Samhoud: Together we build a brighter Future

“Ieders Plak is an inspiring location in the midst of nature. &samhoud spent a morning here with various teams with a focus on meeting each other and on personal and team development. The staff at Ieders Plak supported this meeting in a flexible, enthusiastic and relaxed manner.”