“Contributing to the development of people, ideas and concepts with a down-to-earth, inspired and passionate approach.
Based on Terschelling. Connected to the world.”

– Ieders Plak according to Mireille Wiegman (Founder and initiator of Ieders Plak)

As a human being, mother/father, partner and professional, it is important to just be. Especially as a human being. It makes it easier when you know a lot about raising children, about emotions and, in my case, about project, process and programme management and other business management concepts. Even more important is your ability to intuitively feel what is right in any given situation. To do so, you need to be receptive. The more your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs are in balance, the easier it becomes. If you are held captive by emotions, emotional baggage, runaway thoughts and a worn-out body, it becomes a lot harder.

It is my passion to share this insight. To let people experience how you can develop your ‘personal leadership’. And what it has to offer you. In your private life, at work. Through ‘hingh intensity’ exercise classes, relaxation, being outside on Terschelling, workshops, lectures, trainings and projects. Have we made you curious? And want to discuss the possibilities? Don’t hesitate to contact us.



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