Take a moment to slow down at Ieders Plak

We believe that you can have a healthy mind and body and an inspiring life when you continue to find the right balance between body, mind and soul! Relaxation is the key. And everyone does that in his or her own way.

This is something we bear in mind with our broad selection of exercise, yoga, massages, treatments, (cooking) workshops… You name it! All this we accompany with healthy food, drinks and sweets in our cosy café, books and magazines from our reading corner for on the couch, etc.

Cosy café or hammock

At Ieders Plak, you can relax and unwind in our cosy café, on the couch in front of a crackling fire in the winter, or plonk down on a beanbag on our terrace in the summer sunshine, or let the wind rock you to sleep in a hammock… It’s all possible at Ieders Plak. You will find more information about the cosy café here.

Massages, Meditation…

We also have professional masseuses who can release the tension in stiff muscles or deepen your relaxation just a bit further with a relaxing massage. Read more about massages at Ieders Plak here. Does your head feel like it’s about to explode and is it time to learn how to relax and clear the mind? Then meditation may be something for you. During your meditation lessons, you will learn how to deal with stress and anxiety while staying true to yourself.

Finding relaxation

Nothing beats finding relaxation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. And, believe it or not, one way to relax is by exerting yourself. Yoga, Bodybalance and Pilates deepen the physical and mental experience of relaxation. Bodywork gives you emotional peace. Or relax and enjoy the sauna. Read more about this below.

Feel like doing some relaxation through exertion? Look and see when your favourite exercise class is scheduled or what is on offer today!
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Come and hang out with us

Have you discovered our relaxation space on the upper floor at Ieders Plak yet? It’s the ideal place to hide away with a good book, tucked away in the far corners of the sofa.

Take a look inside

We also have a sauna!

Make your relaxing day at Ieders Plak complete with a visit to the (Finnish) sauna. After an exercise class, for example, or just to pamper yourself.