Ieders Plak An inspiring space

Ieders Plak; space for everyone

Space for inspiration, for your body, mind and soul. Exercise or relaxation. Business or personal development. Alone or in a team. Active or low-key. It’s all possible. Because by broadening your horizons, you are helping to make your life more successful, healthier and happier. At Ieders Plak, every space is designed to inspire, foster growth, and help make connections.

What is a ‘plak’?

A plak is a low-lying wetland valley among the dunes. It’s a place where you can find refuge, rest, and relax. That’s how we see Ieders Plak. A shelter where you can contemplate, feed your body and soul, recharge, and stretch your boundaries. For everyone. Alone or together. (Re)discover your drive, your brilliance, your spark. Leave here recharged and ready to conquer the world.

Programmes and activities

Our programmes and activities are very diverse, allowing each individual to discover their own spark. Ieders Plak is a space where you can find challenging and flexible exercise opportunities with experienced trainers. And a place where you can relax. Or challenge your mind by taking in the latest insights on leadership, modern business, or the complex dynamics of today’s society. A place where you can discover everything to do with a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, exercise, and finding that perfect mind-body balance.

Connect, work and experience

We work together with inspiring people both in and outside Ieders Plak. Besides inspiration, connection plays a key role here. This is reflected by our offering: a lounge/café, exercise venue, and workplace. A place where self-employed professionals on the island can find a place to work and connect: a co-working space. And a place where we welcome Dutch businesses for leadership conferences, where people can find themselves as well as each other. Ieders Plak has been an accredited training company since December 2015

Based on Terschelling. Connected to the world

Ieders Plak is in tune with its surroundings: our literal, natural surroundings, our local network, the island. These surroundings are unique and provide a source of inspiration which we interweave into our offerings in countless ways. Would you like to experience what Ieders Plak can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

More about Ieders Plak

Our vision

Are you curious about the vision and inspiration behind Ieders Plak?

Our vision

Our space

Get a sense of the atmosphere, the unique setting, and the surroundings of our location and how they might work for your business event.

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Our people

We work with an inspiring team of people who bring life to Ieders Plak!

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Setting + surroundings

Ieders Plak is situated just a stone’s throw from the ferry and the village of West-Terschelling.

Setting + surroundings


Ieders Plak works with a powerful and extensive local, national and international network.