Personal Training

Personal Training is being motivated and getting to work

Would you like to exercise more, but need that extra incentive to do so? Or do you need just that little bit more insight into your own body and your boundaries? Personal Training at Ieders Plak will help you with this. Our personal trainers are there to motivate, encourage, challenge, spark curiosity and make sure you have fun during your training!

Are you looking for optimal guidance with regards to training and/or exercise, perhaps in combination with nutrition?

Choose personal training at Ieders Plak. Rowan Zeevat & Roy de Hek provide one-on-one sessions at Ieders Plak where you will have their undivided attention for an entire hour. Depending on your wishes and goals, we develop a plan together and get started on your journey. So that we can work together towards a fitter and healthier life for you.

Personal training is the right fit for you if you:

  • would like to get in shape
  • want to change your eating habits
  • want to gain more self-esteem
  • want to train for a particular type of exercise or sport
  • are just beginning to do sports
  • want to improve your technique
  • want to feel stronger in your everyday life
  • want to keep in shape during your holiday

Personal Training is also available for island guests so that you as a guest can stay in shape or get a good head start during your stay on the island.


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Would you like to learn more? Read about the experiences of…

“The story of a 60-year-old beginner. In October 2016, I started with what was for me as a 60-year-old an entirely new activity: EXERCISE! Over the course of some 10 years, the pounds had piled up and it was time to put a stop to it. And unfortunately, that requires some work! Because I had never done any training before, I chose personal training: you get a whole hour of personal and focused attention and you need that when you’re a novice like I was… As the months progressed, and after many adjustments and even more advice, I started to get the hang of it. I noticed that I was getting stronger and fitter and I remained untouched by flu that season. We also focused on nutrition. Although I have been watching what I eat and cook for some 40 years, there was always room for improvement and room to focus on weight loss. I discovered that I had quite a lot to learn on that front as well. Since January, I have added small group training to my routine. The group is small enough that I still get enough attention, and it’s nice to exchange experiences with my fellow group members about gaining and losing those rolls of fat, about eating and cooking habits, and about staying in shape. Focusing on strength and stamina was new territory for me and it suits me fine. Geartsje guides me with her expertise, patience, and enthusiasm. She lets me keep shifting my boundaries; I can incorporate her advice easily into my daily life, and I’ve noticed that both my posture and attitude are improving.

And the pounds? Well, they’ve stopped piling up, but I haven’t lost much yet either. Geartsje explains: We can do something about that, but then we need to change the way you eat. To be honest, I’m not quite ready for that yet. It’s in my nature to take things gradually and do one thing at a time. So that will come when I am ready to take that step.

It is nice that you can stay the course in a way that suits you. And together with your trainer. That’s when the chance of success is the greatest. I am curious to see where I will be a year from now. Either way, it will be at Ieders Plak, because that’s a fine and safe space to work on your body, even (and perhaps especially) for 60-year-old beginners!”

[accordion_item name="first" number="3"  title="Personal training on location in Oosterend with Annemiek Waanders, Meint Boonstra and Alie Oosterloo "]“Personal Training on location (at our place in Oosterend) was the ultimate incentive; it saves time and is a great motivator. It gives you energy, forces you to briefly leave your own comfort zone and has the added advantage that you lose weight while doing so. Personal training is also an effective means to reduce pain and stiffness and is a relatively quick way to get in shape.”