Find your inspiration at Ieders Plak

Find your inspiration at Ieders Plak

For example, find inspiration in our cosy café. A place to meet people and be inspired. Dive into a good book in our reading corner, hide on the couch or draw inspiration for a healthy meal from our menu. Enjoy freshly squeezed juices and healthy and delicious home-made organic snacks in our café. A delicious lunch is also possible, of course.

Ieders Plak also organises various inspirational events with others under the Ieders Plak Inspiration banner. In other words: inspiring evenings, meetings, specials and courses.

Do you like to be inspired by art? Then Ieders Plak is also the place for you. Every three months, our lobby is home to a new exhibition of islander art. AND we are always on the lookout for new initiatives. Are you interested in exhibiting your work at Ieders Plak? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also draw inspiration from our activities, exercise classes, (cooking) workshops or trainings. Take a look at our activities calendar. And do you have ideas of your own? We’re always interested in your ideas!
Ieders Plak is also the place to be for personal services such as training, coaching, and consultancy. Various trainers offer their services here. Take a look to learn more about them! Do you have your own ideas for possible training, coaching, or consultancy? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Need more info? Stop on by. Or contact us for more information.



More inspiration

Islander Art exhibition

Every three months, we display works of an (islander) artist. Read more about our current art exhibition and have a look in our art archive for artists who have exhibited their work here in the past. And perhaps we might inspire you…

Local workout

Because we like the make-yourself-at-home approach, we invite our guests to chop their own wood if you like! Interested in other inspiring activities?


Experience the outdoors indoor

Look outside and see the soft Terschelling light shining through our huge full-length windows! If that doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will…