Get moving; exercising at Ieders Plak

Need some condition training, power training, want to feel good about yourself and/or are you looking for a fitness centre where you will feel right at home? Then exercising at Ieders Plak sounds like the perfect solution for you!

Ieders Plak is more than just a fitness centre, or health club; discover for yourself! There is a wide range of choice from various exercise classes, such as: Power Pump (similar to Bodypump), Pilates, Cycling Spinning (similar to RPM), kickboxing, Yoga-Pilates (similar to Bodybalance) etc. From intensive trainings to more relaxed and balanced sessions, or join in a small group training session. See what exercise classes we have to offer. And read about our various subscriptions.

Personal Training

If you choose to work with a Personal Trainer, you will receive the optimal support you need for achieving your goals. Training with a personal trainer gives you something to hold on to and that little bit of extra motivation when things get tough. AND: you train at agreed times, so you will always be training when it suits you. Read more about personal training here.

Company Fitness & the Youth Sports Fund

Want to exercise at reduced rates via your work? Or let your son or daughter exercise at a subsidised rate? That is also possible! Read more about the possibilities here.

Healthy weight management through exercise

Would you like to lose weight responsibly? Literally feel better in your own skin? And end your struggle with an endless stream of diets? Then Ieders Plak is also the right place for you! Together with nutrition and weight management coach Japke van Leunen, we have started with a ‘Healthy weight management through exercise’ programme. Losing weight responsibly through exercise and by eating healthy and delicious food. AND: you will be supported from A to Z; both in terms of exercise and nutrition. Would you like to learn more? Read here for additional information!

Personal development

The possibilities with us are endless! Personal development, leadership events, lectures, weekends around healthy exercise, living and diet, consults or coaching. Learn all about healthy nutrition, yoga, or detoxing, for instance. For people who prefer to do so individually, there are personal coaching opportunities as well. Keep an eye on our activities calendar, or contact us for more information, other options or a customised approach!

Finding relaxation

Nothing beats finding relaxation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. And, believe it or not, one way to relax is by exerting yourself. Yoga deepens the physical and spiritual experience of relaxation. Bodywork gives you emotional peace. During your meditation lessons, you will learn how to deal with stress and anxiety while staying true to yourself. We also have professional masseuses who can release the tension in stiff muscles or deepen your relaxation just a bit further with a relaxing massage. Or visit the sauna for some relaxation. Having a good conversation is also an option.[/span8]

Do you feel like participating in an exercise class? Look and see what’s on today’s schedule or when your favourite exercise class is scheduled!
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Who will be your instructor?

We are ready to create the ultimate exercise class together with you. An experience to help you feel your spark again.

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We also have child care!

Do you need child care for your children while you are working on your condition or enjoying a yoga or body balance class? We have even thought of that at Ieders Plak!

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