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Yoga-Pilates™ (from the ClubJoy programme) is a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi, and a Pilates workout in which you develop your strength and flexibility and which gives you a sense of peace and calm.

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Power Pump

Power Pump™ (from the ClubJoy programme) is a proven effective total body workout to music to develop strength, fitness and condition with weights.

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Dans Special

The Dance Special is a recurring special in which you spend a full hour swinging away while working up a sweat and burning those calories. Check our website page to see when the next session is scheduled!

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An intense group workout, in which you work together with others to develop your condition and kickboxing technique. Plenty of sweat and hard work accompanied by driving beats!

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Powerrr Workout

Britt’s Powerrr Workout is a condition training in which you are challenged to shift your physical and mental boundaries. Together with some motivational music, you’re bound to work up a sweat every time.

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Small Group Training

Are you interested in exercising in a small group (min. 3 people, max. 8 people) with a more focused and customised training, but at a time which suits you? Then small group training might be something for you. Over the course of an hour, we will guide you in a training to suit your needs (separate subscription).

Small Group Training



Meditation is an excellent way to relax, to clear your mind and to observe. You focus your mind inward and learn how to remain in the here and now.

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Yoga is a series of exercises aimed at improving balance, flexibility and coordination. Conscious breathing and relaxation play an important role. It helps you to keep a healthy balance in life.

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Cycling Spinning

Cycling Spinning™ (indoor cycling / RPM) is a group workout (from the ClubJoy programme) in which you cycle along to the rhythm of the music under the guidance of an inspiring instructor who will guide you through the course. It is an effective way to quickly work your body into top shape.

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Pilates trains the mind and the body. This combination leads to a generally good condition. Pilates strengthens your body and helps in creating balance and control in the body. With Pilates, you develop long and supple muscles.

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Training and exercising outside during fine weather is not only fun to do, but it is also very healthy. You will regularly find ‘outside specials’ on the timetable: training in and with our new sports gym, a boot camp lesson, exercises in the forest, at the beach… Allow yourself to be surprise


Winter Switch-Up Class

During the winter months, in October through March, we organise a winter switch-up lesson every Thursday morning. Alternate programs: RPM/Spinning or a cardio/power/fitness lesson Every week something different, always accompanied by great music. Check the timetable for details.


Circuit Fitness

In this class, expect a full-body workout where you train at your own pace. You train all the major muscle groups and work on your condition. Strength exercises are switched off with cardio/condition exercises. The class is suitable for all levels. Whether you’re just beginning or an advanced studen

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Pregnant Fit/Mama Fit

A continuous class tailored to pregnant women and women who have just given birth and want to start exercising again. Would you like to remain fit during your pregnancy and make sure your body is ready for childbirth? We are happy to guide you in that process.

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Healthy weight management through exercise

Would you like to lose weight responsibly, literally feel better in your own skin and end the struggle with those endless diets?

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Individual lesson/subscription

We have various subscriptions and options, even if you’re just staying a weekend, week or temporarily on Terschelling.

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Company Fitness & the Youth Sports Fund

Want to exercise at reduced rates via your work? Or let your son or daughter exercise at a subsidised rate? No problem! Ieders Plak is a member of Bedrijfsfitness Nederland and the Friesland Youth Sports Fund. Contact us to make use of these options.