Cosy café

The cosy café at Ieders Plak: the place that you can call home.

Welcome to our cosy café! Scroll through our picture gallery for a first impression, but definitely stop by. We’ve already put the kettle on for you. Our cosy café also features vegetarian and vegan menu options and is now also registered with HappyCow. Feel free to review our café on their website.

The cosy café is the café at Ieders Plak on Terschelling. A place to meet people and be inspired, a place where you’ll feel right at home. A great place to enjoy an organic lunch, a healthy drink, or a bite to eat. In our cosy café, not only will you meet inspiring people from all over the island but from far beyond as well.

Healthy snacks and juices

Our mostly organic products are made to stimulate your senses. We have aromatic, high-quality coffee, many different types and flavours of tea, delicious juices and fresh smoothies. A lot of the menu is vegetarian but certainly not everything. Do you have any special wishes? If you have special dietary needs such as gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan… Let us know, and we will tailor your order to meet your needs! A selection from our menu: Chai Latte (with oat milk upon request), various juices, fresh smoothies, or what about our cookies or a brownie without refined sugar? Feel like something else? We also have a selection of nuts available as well as chickpea chips: a tasty and healthy snack! All healthy beverages and bites that combine perfectly with your exercise class or working day. View our menu here.


Here’s a fun fact: our interior is almost entirely made from recycled materials and items from the local FOD-zoeker, Terschelling’s online second-hand market site (perhaps you will find something special there too?).

Space for everyone

In the cosy café at Ieders Plak, you will find various seating areas. You can choose from welcoming spots to drink coffee, lounge or work. Of course you can sit at one of the tables, but you can also relax and unwind near the woodstove! And you’ll find plenty of inspiration in the books in our reading corner.

Wonderful encounters…

At Ieders Plak, we also have workspaces, and we facilitate workations and island sessions (out-of-office meetings in an island setting). You never know who’ll end up sitting next to you for that next unique project… One thing is clear; there are plenty of opportunities to be inspired at Ieders Plak!

Stop by!

More to do at Ieders Plak

Reading corner

Want to immerse yourself in an inspiring book? Or relax with a magazine and a cup of coffee or tea? Ieders Plak has a special corner for people who want to relax with a good book or magazine. The perfect place to unwind after a long walk or on a rainy day!

Stop by!

Come and hang out with us

Have you discovered our relaxation space on the upper floor at Ieders Plak yet? It’s the ideal place to hide away with a good book, tucked away in the far corners of the sofa.

Take a look inside

We also have a sauna!

Make your relaxing day at Ieders Plak complete with a visit to the (Finnish) sauna. After an exercise class, for example, or just to pamper yourself.