Activities at Ieders Plak on Terschelling

Activities on Terschelling

Ieders Plak has plenty to offer. View our activities calendar to see what’s available. In the activities archive, you can also have a look at activities that have been organised in the past. And do you have an idea of your own or a bespoke request? Don’t hesitate to contact us; there are plenty of possibilities for trainings, team sessions, workshops… Are you interested in our facilities/spaces for rent for your own activities? Read more about this here.



November 2019

– Friday 8th November – monday 11th November

A weekend retraite. Organised by Buurman en De Rooij in cooperation with Kruispunten.


Yoga on location
– Saturday 9th November

On Saturday 9th November, we will be giving yoga lessons to a student sorority at the accommodation where they will be staying. This means getting up at your own pace without having to make the cycling trip to West. Ieders Plak comes to the location instead!

Interested in yoga or another exercise class on location? At the beach, in the middle of nature, at a location of your choice or at your home. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!


Festival der Creativiteitsorde
– November 2019

A three-day event for 150 people about creative thinking, organised by the Consortium for Innovation, with Ieders Plak as their home base.

There is a growing need for more creativity. It is considered to be one of the most important 21st-century skills. The urgency of this need is evident both in the business world and scientific world. ‘Creativity is a hot topic in education, organisations and government ministries. It is a subject that we cannot avoid, yet there is relatively little focus on learning to think differently and dealing with the existing body of knowledge’, according to psychologist Simone Ritter.

Visit the website for additional information.




The future…

Lifestyle evening ‘All about sugar’
– a wish for the future

One evening towards the end of this year, a new Ieders Plak ‘inspirational event’ will be organised! A fun evening full of learning, tasting, discovering and wondering! The theme of this first evening is: Sugars: which are to die for and which aren’t! We organise this evening together with De Bionier, weight management consultant Japke van Leunen and family doctor Ester Ronner. Costs: €15.00

Date to be announced soon! Would you like to register in advance for this evening? No problem; give us a call at (0562 – 450942), send us an email or stop by!


Therapy Retreat at Ieders Plak
– Date: in consultation

What could be better than spending some time away alone to completely relax and unwind? To be well-looked after, pampered and even receive a healthy dose of therapy to boot?  Without partner, children, work or every-day worries. In other words: a couple of days complete me-time.
Are you also ready for a fully arranged five-day therapy retreat on Terschelling? Plan your dates via

Buurman & de Rooij are offering a personal reboot in collaboration with Ieders Plak. Our five-day therapy retreat on Terschelling offers you everything you need to gain insight into your problem and to find the right solution for you. In the midst of the beautiful nature and peaceful setting of Terschelling, you will be carrying out a full personal ‘scan’, cleaning up where necessary, ‘defragmenting’, lifting blockages, and rebooting yourself. And because this is quite hard work, we will make life a little easier by pampering you with delicious organic food, walks, meditations and relaxation exercises. In short: a complete and effective programme to get your body and mind back on track.


Activiteiten Ieders Plak Terschelling